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Personalized Photos Seashell Locket for Women

Personalized Photos Seashell Locket for Women

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Material: Copper
Size: 1.1*1.2 inches
Shape: Shell
Chain Length: 18+2 inches
Comes with extra replacement photos & you can remove and change the photos by removing the inserts with tweezers.


Customize Your Tale: Make a statement with our Seashell Locket, allowing you to personalize it with 2 of your favorite images. Whether it's a cherished memory, a loved one, or a meaningful symbol, let your style shine with a touch of customization.

Copper Crafted Brilliance: Radiating enduring beauty with perfectly balanced 1.1*1.2 dimensions, this Women's Locket is crafted from high-quality copper. With silver and gold electroplating options, it mirrors the sun-kissed shores, adding brilliance to your daily ensemble without overpowering your style.

Ideal Gift Choice: Searching for a precious gift? Our Customizable Locket Necklace is the perfect choice. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, this unique and beautiful accessory serves as the ideal way to express heartfelt sentiments.


Order Processing Time: 1-2 days
Average Shipping Time:
①Standard Shipping: 11-19 days
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Cleaning: Use mild soapy water to gently clean the item. Ensure the item is waterproof. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
Avoid harsh chemicals: Keep stainless steel away from bleach, chlorine, and ammonia-based cleaners.
Storage: Store in a dry place, separate from other jewelry to prevent scratching.
Prevent scratches: Avoid rough surfaces and abrasive materials that can scratch the item.


Amarisia Jewelry is dedicated to crafting personalized pieces that embody your unique story and style. We take pride in creating exquisite jewelry that serves as cherished keepsakes, capturing precious moments and fostering connections that transcend generations.

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